january 6, 2013
6:00instead of an angleproject pitchfork
 inhumanaesthetic perfection
 pro-testskinny puppy
 lipstick crushthe crying spell
 another lossdecoded feedback
 just like youpig
 sojournerliquid devine
 shine 2001hanzel und gretyl
 cryingrobotiko rejekto
 the knifesmp
7:00thinaircut rate box
 der abschiedachwarzblut
 for all of uscleen
 waiting to be bornrotersand
 new skinnew skin
 no excusepsy'aviah
 mournapoptygma berzerk
 self controlparalysed age
 beliefmind state
 sanctifiednine inch nails
 unknownmind in a box
8:00failurethe parallel project
 hard wayfunker vogt
 ritualsgod module
 cover me [kmfdm mix]legion within
 shes insanebinary park
 bleed you outcaustic
 shadow warriorred flag
 traumfrauand one
 sidewalk sinnerdive
9:00vicious eyesx-fusion
 sick [phosgore mix]ivardensphere
 leathersexmy life with the thrill kill kult
 paper angelspanzer ag
 herzattackein strict confidence
 war for peacerobotiko rejekto
 agressivafront 242
 rebornpride and fall
 sexbeatfear cult
 deeper into youludovico technique
 wickedswitchblade symphony
 this is the lifeinure
10:00blut royalecombichrist
 perfectsexicon of coil
 cuts you uppeter murphy
 touchsuicidal romance
 now or neverunterart
 wastedvelvet acid christ
 born againblutengle
 circuitryfront line assembly
 aparkassemblage 23
 no mans landcovenant
 downthe birthday massacre
11:00you jezebelxy beautiful
 crysis [kant kino mix]aiboforcen
 victory of lovenox interna
 ave mariakmfdm
 fit for floggingleaether strip
 pieces of meradioaktivists
 the dreammind in a box
 meltdown consequencerobotiko rejekto
 transparent frequenciesevils toy
 drop the maskxp8