november 4, 2012
6:00circuitryfront line assembly
 military fashion showand one
 just like youpig
 into the deepbinary park
 glassthe anix
 one worldajax
 fake famegod module
 like a prayerbigod 20
 this is the lifeinure
 remainsmind confusion
 soujournerliquid devine
7:00now or neverunterart
 remembermind in a box
 thinaircut rate box
 dead starscovenant
 paper angelspanzer ag
 transparent frequenciesevils toy
 leaving tonightthe birthday massacre
 join in the chantnitzer ebb
 inhumanaesthetic perfection
8:00creepy crawlerzombie girl
 code redsitd
 spiritual realityapoptygma berzerk
 keen girlaccessory
 seven livesin strict confidence
 fit for floggingleather strip
 deeper into youludovico technique
9:00lovely dayfront 242
 love never diesapoptygma berzerk
 feelproject pitchfork
 giving in to the changeimperative reaction
10:00maldirevelvet acid christ
 through the looking glassdin fiv
 forward everstraftanz
 neurosuspensionsuicide commando
 perfectsexicon of coil
 deep watersgrendel
 frayedcesium 137
 stage frightedge of dawn
 downthe birthday massace