september 30, 2012
 just like youpig
 my despairin strict confidence
 pretty toyevils toy
 beautiful logic stringsproject pitchfork
 machinegun gogopanzer ag
 retro humansmp
 war on errorrotersand
 now or neverunterart
 blind miceshiv-r
7:00styleevils toy
 seventeenx marks the pedwalk
 inhumanaesthetic perfection
 glassthe anix
 fake famegod module
 shine 2001hanzel und gretyl
 zuviel von mirherzschlag
 hard wayfunker vogt
 accelerantdie sektor
 dark danceheimataerde
 cover me [kmfdm mix]legion within
8:00beyond the gateedge of dawn
 pro-testskinny puppy
 soultakerdecoded feedback
 barcodefront line assembly
 sister illusionfiction 8
 onebigod 20
 into the deepbinary park
 submissionseven trees
 you jezebelxy beautiful
9:00timewave zerogrendel
 my jesusgary numan
 perfectsexicon of coil
 you can be happy [combichrist mix]iamx
 this is the lifeinure
 reality is lostikon
 forward everstraftanz
 scorch the groundseabound
10:00blushrazed in black
 rebornpride and fall
 jesus christ superstarlaibach
 maldirevelvet acid christ
 loves secret domaincoil
 controlvnv nation
 lucretia my reflectionsisters of mercy
 remembermind in a box
 wake me upneuroticfish
 blut royalecombichrist
 keen girlaccessory
11:00feuerfrei rammstein
 crysis [kant kino mix]aiboforcen
 shadow warriorred flag
 code redsitd
 wreath of barbswumpscut
 deep watersgrendel
 dare to liverotersand
 another lossdecoded feedback
 lipstick crushthe crying spell
 dawning sun [the sound of 32c]32crash
 another worldbeborn beton
 military fashion showand one