september 23, 2012
 the future is nowproject pitchfork
 man on a wireghost and writer
 rebels in controlkmfdm
 this is the lifeinure
 now or neverunterart
 unknownmind in a box
 herzattackein strict confidence
 paper angelspanzer ag
7:00the knifesmp
 controlvnv nation
 coma whiteapoptygma berzerk
 keen girlaccessory
 regreticon of coil
 code redsitd
 barcodefront line assembly
 last crusadesstar industry
 funeral marchcrocodile shop
 rebornpride and fall
8:00sugar the pillprayer tower
 seek and destroypop will eat itself
 lightning zone [razed in black mix]new mind
 beliefmind state
 blut royalecombichrist
 conflict instigationgrendel
 mona lisa mother earthswans
 mdkgod module
 from foamlycia
 stage frightedge of dawn
 first lightbella morte
 persona non grataego likeness
9:00juke joint jezebelkmfdm
 soultakerdecoded feedback
 black sea black fishtrance to the sun
 northern winterdance or die
 you know howthe fair sex
 you jezebelxy beautiful
 red roses for youxy beautiful
 nothing stayscyberaktif
10:00twilightblackpool astronomy
 inhumanaesthetic perfection
 another worldbeborn beton
 the bombneuroticfish
 darkangelvnv nation
 hard wayfunker vogt
 lipstick crushthe crying spell
 you can be happy [combichrist mix]iamx
11:00wastedvelvet acid christ
 lovers endthe birthday massacre
 forward everstraftanz
 documentassemblage 23
 pieces of meradioactivists
 couldve had it allprovision
 x-raylest spine down
 inquisitionskinny puppy
 sick [phosgore mix]ivardensphere
 exterminate annihilate destroyrotersand
 perfectsexicon of coil
 ritualsgod module