february 6, 2011
timesong band
6:00second skinvnv nation
 shattered mindamduscia
 herzattackein strict confidence
 shallow gravethe birthday massacre
 slip awaycut rate box
 frayedcesium 137
 der abschiedschwarzblut
 the bogbigod 20
7:00seventeenx marks the pedwalk
 smothered hopeskinny puppy
 speak to merotersand
 sanctifiednine inch nails
 man on a wireghost & writer
 hold my groundfunker vogt
 sugar the pillthe prayed tower
 fit for floggingleaether strip
 beyond the gateedge of dawn
8:00time to be alivedevision
 just like youpig
 silent killerdecoded feedback
 track xsheep on drugs
 cambodiaapoptygma berzerk
 things unkind16 volt
 crablouse [coming even harder mix]lords of acid
 desperate youththe retrosic
 regreticon of coil
 for all of uscleen
9:00fatherlanddie krupps
 late twentieth century boysnog
 judge of my domaincovenant
 it wont doslick idiot
 dirtassemblage 23
 re-align [seabound]stromkern
 machinegun gogopanzer ag
 preciousdepeche mode
 someones speakinglegion within
10:00a pain that im used todepeche mode
 sojournerliquid devine
 blushrazed in black
 a rising herofunker vogt
 the knifesmp
 love your neighborkomor kommando
 inside of mekultur culture
 the end pt 1shiv-r
 temple of love [remix]sisters of mercy
11:00feelproject pitchfork
 european super statekilling joke
 day of lightkmfdm
 sinandroid lust
 the gun songayria
 six secondsayria
 the dreammind in a box
 dynamo clockcovenant
 now or neverunterart
 lustreclaire voyant
 neurosuspensionsuicide commando