april 4, 2010
6:00documentassemblage 23
 second skinvnv nation
 pretty toyvelvet acid christ
 torn downimprative reaction
 electromachinered flag
 tomorrow never comesvnv nation
 remainsmind confusion
 scorch the groundseabound
 tachyonmentallo & the fixer
 8 bits [club edit]mind in a box
 time zerodo or die
 dgtal bloodhelalyn flowers
 crime of lifeessence of mind
 we are the oneszombie girl
 chemicals & circuitrygrendel
 city of darknessfunker vogt
 phoenixdecoded feedback
 emberscesium 137
8:00remove/replaceicon of coil
 six secondsayria
 shine 2001hanzel und gretyl
 near youtechnoir
 bridge of changeblack atmosphere
 speak to merotersand
 smothered hopeskinny puppy
 slip awaycut rate box
 over the shoulderministry
9:00machinegun gogopanzer ag
 feelproject pitchfork
 no pulseglis
 tripped outvelvet acid christ
 the faces of freedomtest dept
 sredni vashterfaith & the muse
 try to see melegion wihin
 whispered in my earfaith & the muse
 relic songfaith & the muse
 desperate youththe retrosic
 my machinethe break up
 chokethe break up
 whos crying nowthe break up
 resistfront line assembly
 this is deutscheisbrecher
 damage i have donethe heads
11:00shortwired grendel
 vanished soulevils toy
 traumfrauand one
 overflowrazed in black
 day of lightkmfdm
 pale sheltertears for fears
 until we diesuicide commado
 tranz mitlaibach
 evpx marks the pedwalk
 drop the maskxp8
 it doesnt mattermonicom