february 28, 2010
6:00re-align [seabound mix]stromkern
 break the linefiction 8
 refuseandroid lust
 zauberstaub [ronda ray mix]beborn beton
 angelsblue eyed christ
 the storm [covenant mix]front line assembly
 this is my riflecombichrist
 speak to merotersand
 transparent fequenciesevils toy
 looking for strangekmfdm
 pagan tangochris & cosey
 battlefieldpanzer ag
 stern krieghanzel und gretyl
 bio-vitaldecoded feedback
 this is deutsch [sitd mix]eisbrecher
 dead heavengary numan
 the art of breaking apartvelvet acid christ
 sacrificeneikka rpm
 tomorow never comesvnv nation
 omenthis digital ocean
8:00city of darknessfunker vogt
 creepy crawlerzombie girl
 fest der liebeherzschlag
 testureskinny puppy
 stay sicksmp
 i am foreverhardware
 sidewalk sinnerdive
9:00black heartedge of dawn
 mohawkleaether strip
 someones speakinglegion within
 terrible lienine inch naals
 the gun songayria
 no pulseglis
 brokenthe birthday massacre
 lucretia my reflectionsisters of mercy
 a minute to midnightgod module
 sheltericon of coil
 vexedcesium 137
 now you will paylaibach
10:00military fashion showand one
 enigmacut rate box
 it doesnt mattermonicom
 evangelinethe mission uk
 love is likeskold vs kmfdm
 failurethe parallel project
 war on errorrotersand
 come down with mesuicide commando
 wickedswitchblade symphony
 tripped outvelvet acid christ
11:00chemicals & circuitrygrendel
 this girlbirmingham 6
 invocationelectric hellfire ub
 now or neverunterart
 this perfect daysmp
 sparkassemblage 23
 evpdie form
 love got lostclan of xymox