december 27, 2009
6:00re-align [seabound mix]stromkern
 military fashion showand one
 coma whiteapoptygma berzerk
 supermassive gravitymassiv in mensch
 horizonfunker vogt
 torn downimperative reaction
 new skinnew skin
 stalkersmind in a box
 the faces of freedomtest dept
 love is likeskold vs kmfdm
7:00standing therecreatures
 sheltericon of coil
 war on errorrotersand
 circuitryfront line assembly
 ticktackpride and fall
 babylonin strict confidence
 the promise [club]seabound
 silvervelvet acid christ
8:00paper angelspanzer ag
 styleevils toy
 paper angelspanzer ag
 earthbeborn beton
 desperate youththe retrosic
 thinaircut rate box
 get out of my headcombichrist
 the gun songayria
 isolationninth circle
 someones speakinglegion within
 thorns [vocal]wumpscut
 waiting to be bornrotersand
 feelproject pitchfork
 welcome to paradisefront 242
 parasiticpsyclon nine
 pale sheltertears for fears
 killing a strangervelvet acid christ
 telekineticgod module
 the light of distresstannhauser
 this perfect daysmp
 now or neverunterart
10:00torment mesuicide commando
 renegades of noisehaujobb
 the forceand one
 blut royalecombichrist
 video kid [love]the birthday massacre
 frayedcesium 137
 love will find a waydevision
 find youre gonewolfsheim
 shattered mindamduscia
 fit for floggingleaether strip
 bloodsportskold vs kmfdm
 overflowrazed in black
 dirty electrothe thought criminals
11:00the dreammind in a box
 brave new world [club mix]covenant
 transparent frequenciesevils toy
 black heartedge of dawn
 uprisingflesh field
 hostil watersfunker vogt
 stop the fallabsurd minds
 stern krieghanzel und gretyl
 fast and beautifuldope stars inc
 this is not a love songP.I.L.
 smothered hopeskinny puppy