october 18, 2009
6:00blushrazed in black
 enigmacut rate box
 military fashion showand one
 through the looking glassdin fiv
 calling you outclan of xymox
 kein morganmelotron
 knivescolony 5
 just like youpig
7:00eleganceedge of dawn
 is it youwumpscut
 red starsthe birthday massacre
 du hast [millenium mix]rammstein
 beyond feargod module
 the futuresnog
 stalkersmind in a box
 exilegary numan
 machinegun gogopanzer ag
 xcessslick idiot
 scorch the groundseabound
 face of deathsuicide commando
8:00near youtechnoir
 second skinvnv nation
 t.v. skythe young gods
 pretty toyvelvet acid christ
 cant change the beatcombichrist
 springfading colours
 flightcesium 137
 retro humansmp
 eisplanet [glacier mix]beborn beton
 sparkassemblage 23
 gimme sheltersisters of mercy
 twisttones on tails
 shattered mindamduscia
 destroy everything you touchladytron
 lights go out [unterart mix]client
 blind sublimepeter murphy
 love will find a waydevision
 dwi [remix]out out
 poison breeddiary of dreams
 blue religionin the nursery
 dirty electrothe thought criminals
10:00headhunterfront 242
 feelproject pitchfork
 remainsmind confusion
 blood beatsmoving units
 creepy crawlerzombie girl
 geburt einer nationlaibach
 steh aufherzschlag
 ich bin duoomph
11:00promised landin strict confidence
 small town boyplastic noise experence
 slip awaycut rate box
 black candleleaether strip
 stern krieghanzel und gretyl
 atlantisdecoded feedback
 my fortunefunker vogt
 mournapoptygma berzerk
 social enemyfront line assembly
 tour de forcecovenant