august 30, 2009
6:00maniacalfront line assembly
 through the looking glassdin fiv
 now or neverunterart
 fatherlanddie krupps
 what used to bemind in a box
 burning angelin strict confidence
 looking for strangekmfdm
 pale tormentswamp terrorists
7:00my fortunefunker vogt
 mouth of madnesslegion within
 submissionseven trees
 black heartedge of dawn
 run colddiva destruction
 get out of my headcombichrist
 in the neckrevco
 hail maryclan of xymox
 battlefieldpanzer ag
 brokenthe birthday massacre
 approaching lightspeedwolfsheim
8:00the forceand one
 strap me downleaether strip
 brothersagonized by love
 face of deathsuicide commando
 love will find a waydevision
 wonderlandthe machine in the garden
 evpgod module
 frozengirls under glass
 destillatedas ich
 ending worldinformation society
 asteroidkilling joke
 circuitryfront line assembly
 the great shipwreck of lifeIAMX
 wickedswitchblade symphony
 feelproject pitchfork
 thinaircut rate box
10:00mournapoptygma berzerk
 the promise [club mix]seabound
 standingvnv nation
 never say neverkmfdm
 sheltericon of coil
 desperate youththe retrosic
 the light of distresstannhauser
 leathersexmy life w/tkk
 terrible lienine inch nails
11:00try to see melegion within
 giving in to the changeimperative reaction
 springfading colours
 poison breeddiary of dreams
 the noise institutehaujobb
 city of darknessfunker vogt
 neverment v2razed in black
 crime of lifeessence of mind
 cant change the beatcombichrist
 vanished soulevils toy