may 31, 2009
6:00share this poisonrazed in black
 consumer icon of coil
 military fashion showand one
 now or neverunterart
 divideassemblage 23
 endurecesium 137
 temptationprayer tower
 cant change the beatcombichrist
 foldgary numan
 my fortunefunker vogt
 beautiful logic stringsproject pitchfork
7:00amnesiamind in a box
 fallinggravity kills
 blood beatsmoving units
 machinegun gogopanzer ag
 drop your edukation [uk mix]rotersand
 big bad cityst vitus dance
 potz blitzkmfdm
 spiritual realityapoptygma berzerk
 near youtechnoir
 transparent frequenciesevils toy
8:00perfect worldunterart
 frayedcesium 137
 the great shipwreck of lifeiamx
 blind sublimepeter murphy
 piss artistessence of mind
 failurethe parallel project
 a kill to an enddecoded feedback
 children of heaven [club mix]michelle belanger
 go filmcovenant
 flavour of the weakdevision
9:00acid dropshate dept
 sick and deadblank
 mouth of madnesslegion within
 dark angelvnv nation
 overthe birthday massacre
 militia lovesmp
 the gun songayria
 inner lightangels and agony
 world dominationklinik
 get out of my headcombichrist
10:00death planx-fusion
 suffer in silenceapoptygma berzerk
 the painful regretpride and fall
 cause of death suicidesuicide commando
 pathogennegative format
 the line between the devils teethpeter murphy
 never say neverkmfdm
 creepy crawlerzombie girl
 desperate youththe retrosic
 haunted house [mansion mix]spf1000
11:00giving upimperative reaction
 a daisy chain for satanmy life with the thrill kill kult
 corpsesgod module
 decyphervelvet acid christ
 city of darkness [downtown mix]funker vogt
 confessionsporcupine defense
 knivescolony 5
 join in the chantnitzer ebb
 someones speakinglegion within
 essen sheissen und geld machenhanzel und gretyl
 shes dangerousclan of xymox