september 28, 2008
6:00regreticon of coil
 blushrazed in black
 call the ships to portcovenant
 nothing stayscyberactif
 under my controlleaether strip
 black heartedge of dawn
 run colddiva destruction
 piss artistessence of mind
 the cursediary of dreams
7:00promised landin strict confidence
 leather sexmy life w/tkk
 machinegun gogopanzer ag
 neurosuspensionsuicide commando
 echoplexnine inch nails
 remainsmind confusion
 oh how it feelswumpscut
 blades [kmfdm mix]pig
 saviorvnv nation
 liar [rotersand mix]technoir
 hallucination generationgruesome twosome
8:00sent to destroycombichrist
 the dreammind in a box
 burn baby burnblok 57
 cover me [kmfdm mix]legion within
 come for you16 volt
 geometrical symbolcontrolled fusion
 six secondsayria
 starsignapoptygma berzerk
 red starsthe birthday massacre
 jesus christ superstarlaibach
9:00knivescolony 5
 get you closerand one
 city of darknessfunker vogt
 where angels dont singhocico
 harsh generationgrendel
 oh my gothrazed in black
 nothing greaterinformatik
 ich bin ein auslanderpop will eat itself
 super powerkmfdm
 wreath of barbswumpscut
 the painful regretpride and fall
 pleadian agendahanzel und gretyl
10:00bombthe retrosic
 companiongod module
 i cry [rework]rotersand
 perceptionvnv nation
 scorch the groundseabound
 big bad cityst vitus dance
 now or neverunterart
 soldmono chrome
 isolation of a realistsystem syn
 frayedcesium 137
 dying startechnoir
 kein problemmelotron
11:00melancholy madnesscracknation
 maniacalfront line assembly
 no lamentotannhauser
 crime of lifeessence of mind
 obsessionclan of xymox
 styleevils toy
 fatherlanddie krupps
 huntedproject pitchfork
 a kind of deutschand one