july 13, 2008
6:00share this poisonrazed in black
 this is my riflecombichrist
 we are the oneszombie girl
 the bogbigod 20
 rusty nails from hellwumpscut
 kathy's song [vnv nation mix]apoptygma berzerk
 fixthe start
 swordsmen of the crownsteril
7:00scorch the groundseabound
 da ya think im sexyrevco
 bombthe retrosic
 corporate slavesnog
 forcepsspahn ranch
 piss artistessence of mind
 city of darknessfunker vogt
 blades [kmfdm mix]pig
8:00screaming insidediva destruction
 fatherlanddie krupps
 get you closerand one
 looking for strangekmfdm
 hit me hardnoisuf-x
 styleevils toy
 6 in the morningclient
 companiongod module
 black heartedge of dawn
 sheltericon of coil
9:00liar [rotersand]technoir
 soul crushdigital poodle
 no lamentotannhauser
 chromevnv nation
 bloodpride and fall
 pathogennegative format
 total eclipseklaus nomi
 come for you16 volt
 wreck metemple of tears
 red starsthe birthday massacre
 jigsawnecro facility
 sent to destroycombichrist
10:00born to be hatedhocico
 e-race generationhelalyn flowers
 fun with drugsvelvet acid christ
 stern kreighanzel und gretyl
 springfading colours
 my fortunefunker vogt
 obsessionclan of xymox
 when blood runs darkleaether strip
 is it youwumpscut
 crime of lifeessence of mind
 it wont doslick idiot
11:00the stormfront line assembly
 evildoersuicide commando
 military fashion showand one
 inner lightangels & agony
 baby one more timedoll factory
 lone ranger32crash
 first lightbella morte
 near youtechnoir
 lost foreveruglyhead
 paper angelspanzer ag