february 17, 2008
6:00subspacefunker vogt
 du haust [millenium mix]rammstein
 paranoidnew clear sky
 break the linefiction 8
 madmans dreamassemblage 23
 my mind is my enemypraga khan
 run colddiva destruction
 track xsheep on drugs
7:00armageddonfront line assembly
 testureskinny puppy
 eleganceedge of dawn
 9d galactic centerhanzel und gretyl
 sciencethe birthday massacre
 les amants [new mind mix]hyperdex-1-sect
 promised landin strict confidence
 nature of loveministry
 super powerkmfdm
8:00nothings sacred [club edit]london after midnight
 tour de forcecovenant
 the god i never haddeathbed repentance
 first lightbella morte
 the light of distress [new flest mix]tannhauser
 final countdownlaibach
 wartimethe start
 creepy crawlerzombie girl
 i waste yousmp
 da ya think im sexyrevco
 torment mesuicide commando
 instead of an angleproject pitchfork
9:00traitor [extended mix]seabound
 love never diesapoptygma berzerk
 cover me [kmfdm mix]legion within
 is it youwumpscut
 whos your daddy snakegirlcombichrist
 military fashion showand one
 xcessslick idiot
 endurecesium 137
10:00black ice impactinertia
 fatherlanddie krupps
 temple of lovesisters of mercy
 my fortunefunker vogt
 wickedswitchblade symphony
 dead endx-fusion
 reach for the starsgirls under glass
 harsh generationgrendel
 ringfingernine inch finger
 stern kreighanzel und gretyl
 blut royalecombichrist
11:00second splitedge of dawn
 mono overloadicon of coil
 the gun songayria
 neverment v2razed in black
 bind torture killsuicide commando
 goddeathbed repentance
 styleevils toy
 a kind of deutchand one
 stop the fallabsurd minds
 bleederzombie girl
 leaethersexmy life with the thrill kill kult
 sacred and profanepride and fall