november 4, 2007
6:00shadow warriorred flag
 forceptsspahn ranch
 machinegun gogopanzer ag
 dance in the airproject pitchfork
 identitymind in a box
 gimme sheltersisters of mercy
 red starsthe birthday massacre
 shine 2001hanzel und gretyl
 we believe we believewumpscut
 vanished soulevils toy
7:00promised landin strict confidence
 a kill to an enddecoded feedback
 second skinmidnight resistance
 happy housemalhavoc
 beneath the rubblefront line assembly
 prisonerkevorkian death cycle
 eleganceedge of dawn
 the reignclock dva
 dirtassemblage 23
 sheltericon of coil
8:00endurecesium 137
 a dayclan of xymox
 kreuzgang v2sitd
 i want youcabaret voltaire
 looking for strangekmfdm
 playthingmindless faith
 city of darknessfunker vogt
 chromevnv nation
9:00wartimethe start
 dig itskinny puppy
 paper angelspanzer ag
 head like a holenine inch nails
 she chideslegion within
 dead starscovenant
 da ya think im sexyrevco
10:00a kind of deutschand one
 this is my riflecombichrist
 sacred and profanepride and fall
 wreath of barbswumpscut
 passing throughmankind is obsolete
 giving in to the changeimperative reaction
11:00what used to bemind in a box
 luv u stillpraga khan
 destillatedas ich
 blushrazed in back
 now you will paylaibach
 strap me downleaether strip
 fun with drugsvelvet acid christ