July 22, 2007
6:00share this poisonrazed in black
 we are the oneszombie girl
 pistolerojuno reactor
 faster than lightlead into gold
 neuro suspensionsuicide commando
 disappointassemblage 23
 machinegun gogopanzer ag
 ii am heresystem syn
 the trapx marks the pedwalk
 city of darknessfunker vogt
 through the looking glassdin fiv
7:00harsh generationgrendel
 warlock [remix dys temper]skinny puppy
 eleganceedge of dawn
 burning angelin strict confidence
 run colddiva destruction
 2 facesdecoded feedback
 orange and blackgod module
 the farthest starvnv nation
 drop your edukation [uk mix]rotersand
 bind torture killsuicide commando
8:00she chideslegion within
 wiretripicon of coil
 parasiticpsychlon nine
 we believe we believewumpscut
 babylondiary of dreams
 gone siliconpti
 hazeskinny puppy
9:00lets get physicalrevco
 madmans dreamassemblage 23
 baby one more timedoll factory
 pitch blackx-fusion
 sick is the one who adores mepanzer ag
 get it throughdismantled
 liquidseven red seven
 hey baby so sadnew skin
 the darkness ends the dayleaether strip
 brave new world [tempest mix]covenant
 universe of loveterminal choice
10:00looking for strangekmfdm
 the noise institutehaujobb
 luv u stillpraga khan
 suffering you16 volt
 cutting thin blue linesdeathline international
 child soldierfunker vogt
 sound mirrorclock dva
 stern krieghanzel und gretyl
 du hast [millennium mix]rammstein
 black heardedge of dawn 
 sex beatfear cult
 take me awaystate of being
11:00cover me [kmfdm mix]legion within
 fuck yousmp
 sex on wheelzmy life with the thrill kill kult
 in this togetherapoptygma berzerk
 faith not importanticon of coil
 beneath the rubble [combichrist remix]front line assembly
 influencesister machine gun
 scorch the groundseabound
 never trust a smilebrain leisure
 military fashion showand one
 the wrong sideabney park
 like tears in raincovenant