April 8, 2007
6:00nothing stayscyberaktif
 the cursediary of dreams
 getting closernitzer ebb
 untold blasphemieshocico
 a night like thisgod module
 nevermeantrazed in black
 dalskinny puppy
 body countfunker vogt
 stand the painand one
 vanished soulevils toy
7:00the beginning of the endjupiter crash
 inside of meculture kultur
 back to lifekgc
 coporate slavesnog
 binaryassemblage 23
 cannibal anthemwumpscut
 she chideslegion within
 paper angelspanzer ag
8:00kathys songapoptygma berzerk
 miss murderafi
 universe of loveterminal choice
 timeterminal choice
 bloodsportthe retrosic
 goddeathbed repentance
 the noise institutehaujobb
 go zombiezombie girl
 sacrificeneikka rpm
 remainsmind confusion
9:00beneath the rubblefront line assembly
 sex on wheelzmy life with the thrill kill kult
 second skinmidnight resistance
 destillatedas ich
 the wrong sideabney park
 find youre gonewolfsheim
 judasimperative reaction
 nemesisvnv nation
 neuro suspensionsuicide commando
 scorch the groundseabound
 stop the fallabsurd minds
10:00cattle grindrevco
 professional killerkmfdm
 brave new worldcovenant
 testureskinny puppy
 riselegion within
 a dayclan of xymox
 rearming strafbomberand one
 indifferencesystem syn
 final daypain bastard
 failurethe parallel project
11:00lets go darkgod module
 first lightbella morte
 big bad cityst vitus dance
 consumericon of coil
 physical educationinformatik
 promised landin strict confidence
 get realizedmortal clay
 shadow warriorred flag
 bind torture killsuicide commando