April 1, 2007
6:00like a prayerbigod 20
 a dayclan of xymox
 blushrazed in black
 carrionproject pitchfork
 crash n burnpanzer ag
 brave new worldcovenant
 perceptiongod module
 by the watersrotersand
 destroy everything you touchladytron
7:00shattered mindamduscia
 awful daythe neon judgement
 dirtassemblage 23
 wormwoodst vitus dance
 the god i never haddeathbed repentence
 universe of loveterminal choice
 cover melegion within
 babylondiary of dreams
 back to lifekgc
 a martini built for 2my life with the thrill kill kult
 cambodiaapoptygma berzerk
8:00wreath of barbswumpscut
 rearming strafbomberand one
 pistolerojuno reactor
 creepy crawlerzombie girl
 sex dwarfpsyche
 murderousnitzer ebb
 second skinmidnight resistance
 clip the linesx marks the pedwalk
9:00firethe fading collection
 tie fighterthe fading collection
 qthe fading collection
 griefthe fading collection
 nemesisvnv nation
 dalskinny puppy
10:00she chideslegion within
 geometrical symbolcontrolled fusion
 bloodsportthe retrosic
 dark ravemassiv in mensch
 aggresivafront 242
 beneath the rubblefront line assembly
 vigilantefront line assembly
 cannibal anthemwumpscut
 dig itskinny puppy
 the troubleleaether strip
11:00failurethe parallel project
 heavenlife in sodom
 wind of the northcovenant
 torment mesuicide commando
 in your soulterminal choice
 riselegion within
 styleevils toy
 barely coldkgc
 paranoidnew clear sky
 lets go darkgod module
 this perfect daysmp
 gonna get yazombie girl
 juke joint jezebelkmfdm