September 3, 2006
6:00delta pisoman
 nothting stayscyberaktif
 deutschmaschineand one
 the unknownsterile
 miss murderafi
 germany is burningpankow
7:00wir wartenwumpscut
 my mind is my enemypraga khan
 mini mini minikmfdm
 the bogbigod 20
 future failfront line assembly
 du hastrammstein
 machinegun gogopanzer ag
 six feet undergrounddevision
 smothered hopeskinny puppy
 punto omegapunto omega
8:00shattered mindamduscia
 promised landin strict confidence
 the noise institutehaujobb
 military fashion showand one
 refuseandroid lust
 shes dangerousclan of xymox
 torment mesuicide commando
 gone siliconpti
9:00get your body beatcombichrist
 sheltericon of coil
 screaming insidediva destruction
 paper angelspanzer ag
 third reich from the sunhanzel und gretyl
 borderpride and fall
 the cursediary of dreams
 now you will paylaibach
 the fine art of killing yourselfterrorfakt
 instead of an angleproject pitchfork
10:00crash crashsnog
 the stormfront line assembly
 this is heresychristian death
 shoot em upbetty x
 another worldbeborn beton
 american dreamsterile
 remainsmind confusion
 ritual noisecovenant
 legionvnv nation
 perfect skylost signal
 pillboom boom satellites
11:00clubber langmassiv in mensch
 fading lightin strict confidence
 crowning glorywill
 white noisethe fair sex
 love you stillpraga khan
 hauntedgary numan
 under my controlleaether strip