July 9, 2006
6:00step by stepmesh
 dead enough for lifeicon of coil
 this is where i wanna beleaether strip
 a kill to an enddecoded feedback
 cambodiaapoptygma berzerk
 rech vor gnadewumpscut
 headhunterfront 242
 windshieldthe fading collection
 loves secret domaincoil
 what the fcukcombichrist
 companiongod module
 social enemyfront line assembly
 inside of meculture kultur
 a gothic on xtcmassiv in mensch
 sex beatfear cult
 the mencovenant
 no defectinertia
 machinegun gogopanzer ag
 cause of death suicidesuicide commando
8:00characters in charmanders manga
 godlike doglikekmfdm
 the dreamthe birthday massacre
 share this poisonrazed in black
 dare to liverotersand
 instead of an angleproject pitchfork
 promised landin strict confidence
 the journeyfunker vogt
 crash crashsnog
 jetstreamnew order
9:00shes dangerousclan of xymox
 stand and fightdoll factory
 the stormfront line assembly
 mental hopscotchmissing persons
 frayedcesium 137
 halogary numan
 quite unusualfront 242
 deep redapoptygma berzerk
 something wonderfulrevco
 dig itskinny puppy
 tormentsuicide commando
 hallucination generationgruesome twosome
 like tears in raincovenant
 headhunterfront 242
 shadow warriorred flag
 mini mini minikmfdm
 approaching lightspeedwolfsheim
 get your body beatcombichrist
11:00a daisy chain 4 satanmy life with the thrill kill kult
 crash n burnpanzer ag
 kill for christkervorkian death cycle
 giving in to the changeimperative reaction
 is it youwumpscut
 morphosisdie form
 enigmacut rate box
 sex dwarfpsyche
 sweep handsx marks the pedwalk