March 26, 2006
6:00starfightersfunker vogt
 halt mich festmelotron
 nevermeantrazed in black
 the dreamthe birthday massacre
 divideassemblage 23
 longevityassemblage 23
 20 hzcovenant
 wreath of barbswumpscut
 free your hatekmfdm
 dr onlinezeromancer
7:00rip like cat clawsleaether strip
 renascenceproject pitchfork
 pressuregary numan
 maniacalfront line assembly
 2 facesdecoded feedback
 join in the chantnitzer ebb
 blut royalecombichrist
 the stormthe retrosic
 step by stepmesh
 past presentskinny puppy
8:00black bulletkidney theives
 share this poisonrazed in black
 firethe fading collection
 big bad cityst vitus dance
 feed our famekmfdm
 all that now has left your reachsystem syn
 empire on the sunanders manga
 you know howthe fair sex
 another worldbeborn beton
9:00suicide bombersleaether strip
 droolswitchblade symphony
 perpetualvnv nation
 temple of lovesisters of mercy
 cold coretau factor
 hee hawalien sex fiend
 cambodiaapoptygma berzerk
 the bogbigod 20
 would you buy thisrotersand
10:00frayedcesium 137
 cause of death suicidesuicide commando
 ritual noisecovenant
 the trapx marks the pedwalk
 foldgary numan
 nothingthe sins
 enough to destroydiverje
 gone siliconpti
11:00jetstreamnew order
 like tears in raincovenant
 giving in to the changeimperative reaction
 remove replaceicon of coil
 the dreammind in a box
 hie rate michrammstein
 hau ruckkmfdm
 fundamentalcat rapes dog
 happy pillsleaether strip
 dragonflyandroid lust