September 4, 2005
6:00supernovadecoded feedback
 corporate slavesnog
 menschfeinddiary of dreams
 my warriorand one
 human consistencyx-fusion
 dr on linezeromancer
 prisonerkevorkian death cycle
 certaintymind in a box
7:00free your hatekmfdm
 beneath the skinstate of being
 april skiesjesus and mary chain
 tempestades de camiopunto omega
 ich bin duoomph
 perpetualvnv nation
 under my controlleaether strip
 nowsystem syn
 something wonderfulrevco
 im happy anywaycombichrist
 obsessionclan of xymox
8:00the distortion chamberdiverje
 grey in greygirls under glass
 cover melegion within
 dead starslegion within
 annie would i lie to youiris
 destillatedas ich
 born to be hatedhocico
 feed our famekmfdm
 faith on fireinertia
9:00lovers endthe birthday massacre
 get you closerand one
 stirb fuer michmelotron
 christinesiouxsie and the banshees
 dance in the airproject pitchfork
 isolationvenus walk
 a killermanufactura
 not now not herethe fair sex
 no pulseglis
 orangesidiot stare
 near endx-fusion
 call the ships to portcovenant
 the bombneuroticfish
10:00paranoidnew clear sky
 she saidflatline transmissions
 inside of meculture kultur
 dare to liverotersand
 join in the chantnitzer ebb
 lose in wantingiris
 stitchapoptygma berzerk
 just hateacid ice flows
 welcome to paradisefront 242
 the dreammind in a box
 sex on wheelzmy life with the thrill kill kult
11:00riftimperative reaction
 professional killerkmfdm
 enough to destroydiverje
 couldve had it allprovision
 fallen herofunker vogt
 inquisitionskinny puppy
 take me awaystate of being
 sanctifynine inch nails
 imperfectionreal life
 one who feedsgenetortures
 gone siliconpti
 resistfront line assembly