June 26, 2005
6:00menschfeinddiary of dreams
 neverment v2razed in black
 a kill to an enddecoded feedback
 october skiesglis
 full worm gardenkmfdm
 punto omegapunto omega
 red handedsheep on drugs
 momentummindless faith
 temple of lovesisters of mercy
 approaching lightspeedwolfsheim
 tales from the third worldhocico
 under my controlleaether strip
 take me awaystate of being
 the dreammind in a box
 break the linefiction 8
 join in the chantnitzer ebb
 gone siliconpti
 fun with drugsvelvet acid christ
 havenflesh field
 neurosuspensionsuicide commando
8:00essen sheiben und geldhanzel und gretyl
 sununder the noise
 obsessionclan of xymox
 chromevnv nation
 sheltericon of coil
 maniacalfront line assembly
 starsignapoptygma berzerk
 phoenixdecoded feedback
 tearsthe cruxshadows
9:00liberationnoise unit
 da ya think im sexyrevco
 baby one more timedoll factory
 are you normal enoughsnog
 a killermanufactura
 dead endmind in a box
 navrasjuno reactor
 stand upstromkern
 nature of loveministry
 the reignclock dva
 this is my riflecombichrist
 failurethe parallel project
 the bobneuroticfish
 resistfront line assembly
 6 feet undergrounddevision
 dead starscovenent
 zero and onecylab
 momentary absolutionsystem syn
 motionlesstau factor
11:00imperfectionreal life
 decomposedmentallo and the fixer
 machine runmind in a box
 i walk the linealien sex fiend
 ghetto dragonlegion within
 willhommen im nichedeisbrecher
 oh my gothrazed in black
 self controlparalysed age