June 5, 2005
6:00sweep handsx marks the pedwalk
 clownswitchblade symphony
 evangelinethe mission uk
 mind phaserfront line assembly
 white walllights of euphoria
 radio siliconmy life with the thirll kill kult
 punto omegapunto omega
 agonyout out
 faster than lightflatline transmissions
 murderousnitzer ebb
7:00tour de francekraftwerk
 enigmacut rate box
 mental hopscotchmissing persons
 blushrazed in black
 i want youcabaret voltaire
 atlantisdecoded feedback
 havenflesh field
 a matter of timeinformatik
 hideclock dva
8:00wwiii remixkmfdm
 hate like thisthe prayer tower
 im happy anywaycombichrist
 oblivionreal life
 ruinedimperative reaction
 a dayclan of xymox
 now you will paylaibach
 consequenceassemblage 23
 deep redapoptygma berzerk
 life on the rockssheep on drugs
 motorbikesheep on drugs
9:00pro-testskinny puppy
 a killermanufactura
 anarchy of separationfektion fekler
 uprisingflesh field
 stand upstromkern
 under my controlleaether strip
 under the gunrun level zero
 prisonerkevorkian death cycle
 el labarentopunto omega
 maniacalfront line assembly
10:00chromevnv nation
 phoenixdecoded feedback
 approaching lightspeedwolfsheim
 cover melegion within
 another worldbeborn beton
 faith on fireinertia
 stainless steel providersrevco
 come back to merazed in black
 go filmcovenant
11:00like to thank my buddies combichrist
 sheltericon of coil
 matches and gasolinekuma
 haunted housespf 1000
 nightmare zonealien sex fiend
 imperfectionreal life
 just hateacid ice flows
 resistfront line assembly
 day-x-relicdiary of dreams
 walking awayinformation society
 this is my brainglis
 conquistador iijuno reactor