March 13, 2005
 concerto for me and myselflords of acid
 inquisitionskinny puppy
 tales from the third worldhocico
 no pulseglis
 too badmc 900ft jesus
 dead heavengary numan
7:00acid dropshate dept
 legendsfektion fekler
 emergencyin strict confidence
 uprisingflesh field
 du haustrammstein
 drifteraghast view
 under the gunrun level zero
 capital fallaciestactical sekt
 mental hopscotchmissing persons
 ghostidiot stare
 ive suffered long enoughrazed in black
 the stormcesium 137
 prisonerkevorkian death cycle
 zero and onecylab
 temple of lovesisters of mercy
 twilight hazephenotract
 luv u stillpraga khan
 faith on fireinertia
 milleniumfront line assembly
9:00could've had it allprovision
 a daisy chain 4 satanmy life with the thrill kill kult
 navrasjuno reactor
 the cursediary of dreams
 chemicalfrequency construct
 the futuresnog
 visual overflowblank
 a dayclan of xymox
10:00blook culturedroom
 the hackerclock dva
 consquenceassemblage 23
 big bad cityst vitus dance
 the missing64k
 cover melegion within
 take me awaystate of being
 now you will paylaibach
 the night time tea partyfear of dolls
11:00regreticon of coil
 burning groundlights of euphoria
 this perfect daysmp
 metropolisbang elektronika
 approaching lightspeedwolfsheim
 failurethe parallel project
 blood culturenumb
 apaty and shatteredtype 001
 saviorvnv nation