January 9, 2005
6:00groundassemblage 23
 breathedecoded feedback
 the stormcesium 137
 standing therethe creatures
 beneathbella morte
 lady marmaladelords of acid
 antifront line assembly
 my kind of dyingfight the cause
 closing eyesin strict confidence
 share this poisonrazed in black
7:00the eucharistflesh field
 sanctifiednine inch nails
 conquistador IIjuno reactor
 forsakenvnv nation
 dead silver skyheadscan
 el laberintopunto omega
 fundamentalcat rapes dog
 adrenaline rushleaether strip
 under my controlleaether strip
 seeking sanctityblack atmosphere
8:00retro humansmp
 like you want to believecollide
 shadow warriorred flag
 monkey puzzle treelucia
 resistarmageddon dildos
 nothing morefiction 8
 worlockskinny puppy
 blind sublimepeter murphy
 the root of all evilabney park
9:00b machina/tranzmitlaibach
 consumericon of coil
 indifferencesystem syn
 complacentassemblage 23
 do ya think i'm sexyrevco
 could've had it allprovision
 born to be hatedhocico
 inside of meculture kultur
10:00havenflesh field
 destillatedas ich
 take me awaystate of being
 now you will paylaibach
 cover melegion within
 reducercruciform injection
 doctor onlinezeromancer
 self controlparalysed age
 behind a gasmaskpanzer ag
 oh my gothrazed in black
11:00failurethe parallel project
 murderousnitzer ebb
 plasticalrabbit junk
 generationsfektion fekler
 neurosuspensionsuicide commando
 luv u stillpraga khan
 gone siliconpti
 we aredin fiv
 play goddiary of dreams
 i will refusepailhead