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September 12, 2004
6:00[15 minutes of dead air 
 timerunnerstate of the union
 atrophycesium 137
 farewellclan of xymox
 the cursediary of dreams
 indifferencesystem syn
7:00kingdom of oneandroid lust
 reality is lostikon
 redemptionimperative reaction
 donnez les espritsthe young gods
 adrenaline rushleaether strip
 fightkode IV
 twilight hazephenotract
 i ransunshine blind
 red moonrun level zero
 this perfect daysmp
8:00razor sharpcollide
 documentassemblage 23
 chemicalfrequency construct
 faster than lightlead into gold
 knock three timesblack tape for a blue girl
 break the linefiction 8
 spinstatic engine
 renaissanceproject pitchfork
 past presentskinny puppy
 tempestades de cambiopunto omega
9:00dragonfirethe retrosic
 phoenixdecoded feedback
 seele tanztdas ich
 corporate slavesnog
 cold victimtactical sekt
 call the ships to portcovenant
 swallow mebigod 20
 juke joint jezebelkmfdm
 transmissionangel theory
 maniacalfront line assembly
 beneathbella morte
 self controlparalysed age
10:00scarecrowblack tape for a blue girl
 herzattackein strict confidence
 la fusionpunto omega
 oh my gothrazed in black
 cover melegion within
 wreath of barbswumpscut
 abyssclaire voyant
 momentary absolutionsystem syn
 spiritual realityapoptygma berzerk
11:00ghostidiot star
 that moment of silencekuma
 regreticon of coil
 enigmacut rate box
 now you will paylaibach
 essen sheiben und geldhanzel und gretyl
 geometrical symbolcontrolled fusion
 get outblind vision
 antichristthe retrosic
 no man's landcovenant