April 4, 2004
6:00atlantisdecoded feedback
 trendsetteraghast view
 if i couldresurrection eve
 like a prayerbigod 20
 fragmentedfront line assembly
 no mans landcovenant
 closing eyesin strict confidence
 pistolerojuno reactor
 mass murder in the landinjury
7:00blue religionin the nursery
 ordinary girllucia
 renegades of noizehaujobb
 mono overloadicon of coil
 welcome to paradisefront 242
 dark ravemassiv in mensch
 another worldbeborn beton
 i ransunshine blind
 monkey godchemlab
 stand and fightdoll factory
 crown of thornswumpscut
8:00jesus built my hotrodministry
 ending worldinformation society
 no pulseglis
 never leavered flag
 influencesister machine gun
 aggro culturesymbiont
 rodentskinny puppy
 cantiquedie form
9:00disco hospitalcoil
 wickedswitchblade symphony
 a dayclan of xymox
 life of sinscreams for tina
 maniacalfront line assembly
 the reformationsuicide commando
 strap me downleaether strip
 this perfect daysmp
 bleedgary numan
 glass shipslegion within
 damage ive donethe heads
10:00clockwork lifeallied vision
 visionsrazed in black
 vote for lovetiamat
 second skinvnv nation
 babylonin strict confidence
 mokey puzzle treelucia
 murderousnitzer ebb
 past presentskinny puppy
11:00vokuhilamassiv in mensch
 openedassemblage 23
 had a lifedismantled
 through the looking glassdin fiv
 we aredin fiv
 to hell with yousister machine gun
 lovers secret domaincoil
 arroganceimperative reaction
 now you will paylaibach
 something wonderfulrevco