February 22, 2003
 the quickeningpsyche
 gimme sheltersisters of mercy
 strassenascii disko
 hallucination generationgruesome twosome
 under the radarpti
 another nightin strict confidence
 vealkevorkian death cycle
 cold victimtactical sekt
7:00cantiquedie form
 big bad cityst. vitus dance
 share this poisonrazed in black
 if i couldresurrection eve
 bottled dreamskuma
 resurrectionbrain dance
 there's no tomorrowclan of xymox
 no pulseglis
8:00psychosomaticfront line assembly
 i want youcabaret voltaire
 vokuhilamassiv in mensch
 stayla floa maldita
 self controlparalysed age
 get you closerand one
 mechanic of the sequenceneuroticfish
 to hell with yousister machine gun
 one nation under godsuicide commando
 candleskinny puppy
9:00ashes fallingzoar
 what you becomelucia
 eye of heavenin strict confidence
 telekineticgod module
 remove/replaceicon of coil
 i ransunshine blind
 ghostidiot stare
 armageddonterminal choice
 life of sinscreams for tina
 the voicecleaner
 driveionic vision
10:00stars & stripeskmfdm
 like a prayerbigod 20
 past livesbabyland
 du hastrammstein
 had a lifedismantled
 luv you stillpraga khan
 optimissedskinny puppy
 treacherylegion within
 meine weltdementi
 reach for the starsgirls under glass
 a strange kind of lovepeter murphy
 babylonin strict confidence
 first lightbella morte
 vote for lovetiamat
 white weddingabney park
 never leavered flag
 turned outsoul circuit
 influencesister machine gun
 transmitterfront line assembly