February 15, 2003
6:00evolutiondecoded feedback
 joyvnv nation
 like tears in raincovenant
 house on fireassemblage 23
 warcontrolled fusion
 from a distancedavantage
 dial 8velvet acid christ
 transfernegative format
7:00another nightin strict confidence
 dreamer without a causesystem der dinge
 waiting to leavethe cruxshadows
 secretssolitary experiments
 dream of godfictional
 inflamedz prochek
 endorph-fusionmassiv in mensch
 man or machinematrix
 neuro suspensionsuicide commando
8:00thin icecut rate box
 forgive mefiction 8
 night visionglis
 vicious sentimentstate of the union
 thrill capsuleicon of coil
 tachyonmentallo & the fixer
 the truth withinflesh field
 reflect in silencedecoded feedback
9:00entpernermassiv in mensch
 opticsnegative format
 closing eyesin strict confidence
 the seraphsthe cruxshadows
 mysterious girltrylok
 flesh menagerieinformatik
 wake me upneurotic fish
 sister illusionfiction 8
 harsh realitythe azoic
10:00evening blackdavantage
 bi-polarassemblage 23
 oneangels & agony
 back on earthevil's toy
 electronautvnv nation
 the race is onfunker vogt
 unicornapoptygma berzerk
 former selficon of coil
 citizenstate of the union
 dead starscovenant
 point blankz prochek
11:00my savior (reborn)flesh field
 cassandrathe cruxshadows
 event horizonblank
 illusiongod module
 love the giverclaire voyant
 super crushdistorted reality
 hass kotmassiv in mensch
 lostthe azoic
 on silk roads to the eastklinik
 rolling thunderfr/action