December 7, 2003
6:00who do you lovebirmingham 6
 divideassemblage 23
 piecesclaire voyant
 enigmacut rate box
 the cursediary of dreams
 controlthe nine
 adrenaline rushleaether strip
7:00if i couldresurrection eve
 wreath of barbswumpscut
 in the neckrevco
 go filmcovenant
 loves secret domaincoil
 christinebella morte
 crisisgebrauche music
 leave it all behindrazed in black
 komm zu unshanzel und gretyl
 renegades of noizehaujobb
8:00world below/karmagodkomplex
 atlantisdecoded feedback
 face of deathsuicide commando
 funeral marchcrocodile shop
 what you becomelucia
 standingvnv nation
 riftimperative reaction
 starsignapoptygma berzerk
 earthbeborn beton
9:00now you will paylaibach
 candleskinny puppy
 between the foldsfaith and disease
 shes got a halofaith and disease
 fluidlegion within
 he moveslegion within
 louisefaith and disease
 da ya think im sexyrevco
 prisonerkevorkian death cycle
 the wedding guestno comment
 closer to heavenpigface
 oceandead can dance
 purge the facadei parasite
 a dayclan of xymox
 fur immerand one
 cold inertiacruciform injection
 capsuleacumen nation
11:00stars and stripeskmfdm
 convexvelvet acid christ
 red frontierstate of being
 no candlelightdavantage
 frozengirls under glass
 maniacalfront line assembly
 subspacefunker vogt
 mind your own businesspigface