June 29, 2003
 oh my gothrazed in black
 sunset gunthe damage manual
 dial 8velvet acid christ
 citizenstate of the union
 riftimperative reaction
 parallaxthe changelings
 adrenaline rushleaether strip
 third reich from the sunhanzel und gretyl
 lay lady layhere
7:00american tragedythe razor skyline
 isolatefront line assembly
 7rainfront 242
 flood IIsisters of mercy
 trendsetteraghast view
 go filmcovenant
 find you're gonewolfsheim
 untold blasphemieshocico
 documentassemblage 23
 no defectinertia
 never leavered flag
8:00bondagedecoded feedback
 algorythmnegative format
 a dayclan of xymox
 better reasonartismight
 transparent frequenciesevil's toy
 tachyonmentallo & the fixer
 she's got a halofaith & disease
 dyslexiafaith & disease
 how does the sky gofaith & disease
9:00between the foldsfaith & disease
 mechanic of the sequenceneuroticfish
 japanese call girlbroken fabiola
 sleeping beastskinny puppy
 remainsmind confusion
 ich bin uber alleshanzel und gretyl
 blushrazed in black
 raidcontrolled bleeding
 hellbentbeautiful assassins
 haunted housespf 1000
 wreath of barbswumpscut
 in 2 the trapdiverje
 juke joint jezebelkmfdm
 pissed offdulce liquido
 mental hopscotchmissing persons
 playmasterpiece scribbles
 he moveslegion within
 blackoutelectro synthetic rebellion
 deutschmaschineand one
 prisonerkevorkian death cycle
11:00red frontierstate of being
 stainless steel providersrevolting cocks
 after the floodthe razor skyline
 body wirebiopsy
 beggin'krushed opiates
 droolswitchblade symphony
 enigmacut rate box
 not now not herethe fair sex
 frozengirls under glass