June 1, 2003
 previsionevil's toy
 cold inertiacruciform injection
 do you fearmy life with the thrill kill kult
 mechanic of the sequenceneuroticfish
 no defectinertia
 atlantisdecoded feedback
 prayer, praise & profitpig
 baby one more timedoll factory
 my jesusgary numan
 wickedswitchblade symphony
7:00distant futureimplant
 the journeyfunker vogt
 kiss the sunthe young gods
 fallinggravity kills
 under the gunrun level zero
 ironmancat rapes dog
 no real solutionlow technicians
 a dayclan of xymox
 7rainfront 242
 parasite mineacumen nation
 the wedding guestno comment
8:00better reasonartismight
 departurethe changelings
 i ransunshine blind
 my kind of dyingfight the cause
 deutschmaschineand one
 slither thingcollide
 save mesuicide commando
 kiss your shadowin strict confidence
 remainsmind confusion
 fluidlegion within
9:00enigmacut rate box
 springfading colors
 beggin'krushed opiates
 geometrical symbolcontrolled fusion
 voidsuture seven
 call the ships to portcovenant
 murder my sweetdecimo
 in 2 the trapdiverje
 bondagedecoded feedback
10:00ss deathstar supergalactihanzel und gretyl
 the thing that should not becarbon 12
 firewallstate of the union
 rodentskinny puppy
 end of the linefrom the icy coast
 contagiousbirmingham 6
 blushrazed in black
 buried alivea e c
 random eventlow technicians
11:00another worldbeborn beton
 never leavered flag
 acid dropshate dept
 go filmcovenant
 drink my honeylords of acid
 paranoidnew clear sky
 first lightbella morte
 a world undonememo
 les amantshyperdex-1-sect