March 23, 2003
6:00unveiling the secretpsyche
 mankindstate of the union
 shades of youkommunity fk
 back in the ussakmfdm
 stand downcruciform injection
 strap me downleaether strip
 dramadiary of dreams
 body wirebiopsy
 unbreakablered flag
 dead planetfront line assembly
 clip the linesx marks the pedwalk
 stop & goneuroticfish
 7rainfront 242
 documentassemblage 23
 huntfight the cause
 subspacefunker vogt
 prisonerkevorkian death cycle
 logicbella morte
 destillatdas ich
8:00heathcliffdiva destruction
 servantscapa flow
 begginkrushed opiates
 regreticon of coil
 mind your own businesspigface
 the wedding guestno comment
 self controlparalysed age
 abyssclaire voyant
 do you seedecoded feedback
 ancientsgary numan
9:00treacherylegion within
 dataseedcut rate box
 kingdom of oneandroid lust
 misanthropeargyle park
 wonderlandthe machine in the garden
 lost in the nightin strict confidence
 shadow warriorred flag
 life of sinscreams for tina
 loudfront 242
10:00all that remainstau factor
 beat upsabotage
 the root of all evilabney park
 leavinghate dept
 big bad cityst. vitus dance
 save mesuicide commando
 not humanspock
11:00strobefront 242
 wreath of barbswumpscut
 geometrical symbolcontrolled fusion
 nobeliumnoxious emotion
 craziergary numan
 random eventlow technicians
 liquid hateracumen nation
 remainsmind control
 planet earthdiverje
 perceptiongod module