March 31, 2002
 everything and nothinghexedene
 nobeliumnoxious emotion
 onebigod 20
 the voice (beborn beton)cleaner
 decoyfront line assembly
 inside of meculture kultur
 number oneclan of xymox
 head hunter (space frog)front 242
 burn baby burnblok 57
 unicornapoptygma berzerk
 oh my gothrazed in black
 somnabulefiction 8
 chemicals (mindless faith)smp
 it wont doslick idiot
 do ya think i'm sexyrevco
8:00x approachingstate of being
 comatose delusion (hocico)suicide commando
 the journeyfunker vogt
 gangsta's paradisebattery
 mournapoptygma berzerk
 divideassemblage 23
 final resource (therapy)hocico
 gottes toddas ich
 daimonionproject pitchfork
 he moveslegion within
 box of lightbiostatic vs. xaxis wye
 freelegion within
 2 centuries of exileentropic advance
 are you normal enoughsnog
 poisonthe nine
 no defectinertia
 excavation of the wordsa murder of angels
 wreath of barbswumpscut
 jasmine and roseclan of xymox
 last dancemorticians
 painted redcrossbreed
 belovedvnv nation
 dark dayoneiroid psychosis
 a kill to an enddecoded feedback
 i c starsglis
 hierate michrammstein
 wickedswitchblade symphony
 resurrectionbrain dance
 lovely dayfront 242
 coming up for airleaether strip
 random eventlow technicians
 make me believeslick idiot
 cum and get itintermix
 divideassemblage 23
 unschuld erdedas ich
 armageddonterminal choice
 former selficon of coil